Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Larry David – do you see yourself, or is this guy nuts?

This video is a great example of 2 people just being themselves…no filter. It’s also the initial episode of an awesome online series by Jerry Seinfeld. I love it because:

a) It’s Jerry & Larry, come on, hilarious

b) it raises the question – why don’t we lighten up and find the magic in the mundane more often? Larry makes us laugh because of how ridiculous some of the conversation is, but also because his comments catch you off guard. “Are you excited” is met with “eh, I wouldnt say I’m excited” which of course is not the appropriate thing to say at the moment…even though it’s completely true. So why isn’t it appropriate?

I don’t know if there is a more refreshing characteristic in a person – pure, unfiltered truth! Time to break out some old episodes of Curb…

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