Hi, I’m Nick Thomas, as you’ve likely surmised, and this blog was designed to share my passion about:

– Amazing experiences in life – building new relationships, learning from one another, travel, music, food, etc.

– Improving myself personally and professionally by remaining open to change and constantly embracing the need for innovation

– The absolute NEED to deliver an incredibly satisfying and unique customer experience to drive brand loyalty

– General thoughts and day to day observations

I am a foodie/retro gamer/music lover/sociologist working in the Enterprise Software industry, and my #1 goal in life is connecting with and learning from others. My LinkedIn profile is here, for those who are into that sorta thing.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Aloha Nick,
    While I was interested in your topic about tech/innovation/sbux, I was also intrigued by your header photo – looks like the road through Kaupo, Maui, headed toward Ulupalakua? Malia

  2. Aloha Malia! You nailed it. Good catch, wow that’s impressive!! My wife snapped that picture during a recent visit. We are HUGE fans of every inch of the island and have subscribed to your blog – what a great concept, thanks for sharing!!

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