Bill McDermott…on Tim Tebow?

Bill McDermott on…Tim Tebow? SAP’s CEO on what his peers can learn from the Jets QB

Fascinating read for a couple reasons:

1) Classic McDermott – all about authenticity. I have never met a more inspiring, authentic, naturally enthusiastic leader in my career than Bill. Here is a great quote, right off the bat, where he immediately disrupts common thought and introduces the  basis for his whole approach as a leader:

“In business, people tell you to fit in, but it’s far better to be yourself, be different and contribute whatever unique talents you have. Most CEOs and executives have a “secret sauce”that makes them successful. It’s critical to stay true to who you are.”

2) One of the reasons I always enjoyed hearing Bill speak – he consistently conveys an undying passion for winning, and never under-emphasizes the importance of customer success in that equation. His entire organization and leadership team embraces the fact that in order to achieve their goals, they need to ensure their customers are not just satisfied, but enthusiastic promoters of their brand.

“In business you are your record. Do you inspire people, are your customers loyal, do partners trust you and your word, do you give back to society? For a company, culture is the foundation, and a culture focused on long-term sustainable winning is unbeatable”

Kudos to you Bill, your character and vision continues to make an impact on folks around the world.

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